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Matthew Brunken is editor in chief of several digital assets, with an expansive toolbox of skills enabling him to cogently handle diverse topics. He holds an MBA in Investment Science; is an accomplished endurance athlete; maintains certifications in coaching, horticulture, process improvement, and customer discovery. Brunken has published multiple fiction works and contributed to non-fiction books in the sports physiology and culture arenas. Visit on Matthew Brunken (@matthew_brunken) / X




Qualified doctors


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We are the premier bioinformatic consulting agency

Qualified doctors

You can be confident in our team of bioinformatic specialists with Doctoral degrees, advanced training, academic appointments, and relevant consulting experience

Years of experience

Our consultants spent years under industry industry experts as they participated in complex research, contributed to major academic publications, and coded new technologies. Now they work with industry leaders, careful to stay on top of bioinformatic trends technologies, solutions, and research


Advanced facilities

We are positioned to serve you remotely or work on your equipment at your location. Travel reimbursements may apply.


Our experts have broad availability but are in high demand. We are most efficient when booking per project, but will accommodate limited-engagement sessions you as availability permits.

Great support

With regular email, phone, and zoom communications, we keep you up to date

Fast results

Our experts work efficiently to knock out your criticals and keep your research and product development humming along.